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Beat Pro vBeta Beat Pro vBeta

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good idea, needs some work.

Has the potential to be very good and popular. You need to make it easier and more clear though. Right now I have no idea where blocks are going to appear, and being rhythmic while responding to randomness is something people are bad at. My mind was shifting between rhythmically pushing the arrows or just ramming 'em all as fast as possible when things got out of hand.

I don't know what your formula is but I'd suggest revising it. Keep in mind that we experience the game very differently from you, you know exactly why stuff is happening the way it is happening, to us that isn't so clear.

I hope I made my point because this is a game which, when done correctly, could be as addicting as Guitar Hero or DDR. The graphics are great btw, perfect for a game like this. And that you could load any song into it is obviously brilliant, it's what could make this game a very big hit.

I gave you an 8 and 4 for the potential.

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Shadow181 responds:

Wow, that's some seriously good advice!

Okay, well... I think I should move the first song then, maybe to medium. That seems to be a constant from most reviews.

Yeah, the formula definately needs some tweaking. I could neer get it the way I wanted, so I ended up using this, which gets a similar result.

Using any song on newgrounds was my focus for making this game. So I'm glad to see at least one person thinks it's a good idea.

Okay, in the final release, which might be in a week or so, I will try to fix the formula, and fix it so that players dont have to button mash.

Flea Flea

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Good game, great idea to have the double/triple/etc jumps! Didn't finish it but the wall clinging and big jump-things seemed a bit unnecessary as you could already practically fly. Good job, keep it up!

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